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1871 Hayes St. San Francicso, CA 94117

Traveling has inspired our love of growing things. Every new place brings a new wealth of botanical curiosities. Working as a florist in Chicago, Montana, Colorado, and Boston has really made us look closely at our surroundings and appreciate what people take time to cultivate. Each passing city adds insight, ideas, and personality to every one of our creations. This city we now happily call home, and the wonderful, crazy things people grow, inspire us as florists. We love having people come tell us about their favorite flowers, how peonies remind them of their grandmother, that ranunculus was the main flower at their wedding, or how a white rose tells their husband that they want to end a current argument. We may be bit too passionate about flowers, but at least here in San Francisco we're far from the only ones

We know brides in San Francisco learn very quickly is that there is no shortage of vendors to choose from when you are planning a wedding here. There are hundreds of cake decorators, doing things with sugar and flour that are breathtakingly beautiful. There are historic and modern venues for every style of event, and there are more florists than many people can begin to fathom. Why should you come to us? Because we are the most fun florist to work with in all of San Francisco, of course. At least we like to believe it. I also believe that the best way to pick a florist is to meet with a few whose pictures speak to you and see who helps you evolve your ideas the most. There should be a certain chemistry, a feeling of excitement and a desire to collaborate. 

We do weddings of all sizes. No project is too big or budget too small. There are many florists in the city that have a minimum budget. We welcome small projects and enjoy the challenge of trying to be as creative and resourceful as possible while keeping a wedding affordable. 

We also welcome destination wedding clients, both domestic and international.